Why This Book

The system does not want you to succeed. Most of the advice and education that you receive is provided by the very people who benefit from it. You need to be the owner of your team.
This lesson is the most important transformation you will ever make. You can’t be truly successful until you EARN the right to be.
Learn how knowing what you want to accomplish is the key to getting there. Once you are on the correct path then making adjustments is easy. If you are going in the wrong direction, there is no fixing it.
Learn why keeping score is critical to winning the game. Everyone can do the 80% part. It’s the 20% extra that separates the winners from the losers. Keeping good statistics lets you know that you are doing it right.
Coaching will teach you what you don’t know, show you what you are doing wrong, see what you can’t, and push you through the tough times when you want to quit. It’s no secret that pro athletes add more coaching as they improve. They know it works!

Why you should listen: Danny Schayes has 30 years of real world experience:

About the Author

Professional basketball is Danny Schayes families’ business. His father, Dolph Schayes, is one of the NBA’s pioneer stars. He played for a then record 16 seasons winning every award and honor that there is, including being honored as one of the Top 50 players of all time. Danny grew up in a basketball candy store. His dad started the second basketball camp in America, so he received excellent coaching as a kid. Danny was an NBA ball boy when he was 10 years old and got to watch practices and games being around the best professional players and coaches. Danny then played in the NBA for 18 years and has trained with 6 Hall of Fame coaches and 7 NBA Coaches of the Year. After retiring from basketball Danny became a successful Real Estate investor. He and his wife Wendy started small flipping single-family homes. With great coaching and experience they moved up to larger projects including developing a residential subdivision in Denver, Colorado, as well as buying and selling apartments, and raising equity for large condominium conversion projects around the country. In all, they have bought, developed, and sold over 1,000 residential units. He currently is the Director of Business Optimization at Intensity Corporation (www.intensity.com). Danny is also a sought after speaker, coach and media personality, having been a Rock DJ and TV color analyst. He is a basketball analyst and a featured columnist for Sheridan Hoops (www.sheridanhoops.com). He has worked for several NBA teams, ESPN, Turner Sports, and TK99 Radio covering Syracuse University basketball. Danny now resides in Arizona with his wife Wendy and their son Logan. To learn more about how Danny can put you on a winning team, check him out at www.DannySchayes.com.